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Masonic Province of East Kent 2025 Festival

The 2025 Festival is now under way. Bradstow members are encouraged to make contributions to the Festival by a number of means. The easiest ways of contributing is by either regular giving by Direct Debit and / or by use of the Relief Chest envelopes available at Lodge and Chapter meetings.

Regular Giving by Direct Debit

To spread your donations, fill out a Direct Debit form and post it to the address on the form. You can choose any amount to contribute and the regularity of those donations.

You can download a Direct Debit form by clicking on this link.

Should you require more information regarding Direct Debit, then download the Direct Debit guidance leaflet here.

Single and regular donations can be set up online at the Masonic Charitable Fund website.

Gift Aid Envelopes

Gift Aid envelopes will be available at Bradstow meetings. Filling in these forms is self-explanetary. Note that in the Lodge / Chapter No. box, the Lodge / Chapter number should be preceded with the letter 'L' or 'C' respectively, i.e. L2448 for Bradstow Lodge or C2448 for Bradstow Chapter. When visiting another Lodge / Chapter you should still use your own Lodge / Chapter No.

For specific instructions regarding filling in the envelope, download the Gift Aid envelope guidance leaflet here.

For extra information about the Festival, visit the East Kent Freemasons 2025 Festival website.